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The French franc was a commonly held international reserve currency. (nouveau franc) was introduced, worth 100 old francs.

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Crisp 50 French Franc pre-euro Banknote 1996 featuring Antoine Exupery author of the.Find great deals on eBay for French Banknotes in French Coins.It was revalued in 1960, with each new franc ( NF ) being worth 100 old francs.The strong French Haitian economy, worth 1.03 trillion Francs a year,.Other side: Liberte.egalite.fraternity around rim. 1 franc over branch. 1918 on bottom.A recent study by the French polling firm Ipsos showed that a growing.

This is a French 1855-D dated silver 5 Franc coin, Has Napoleon lll, Empereur.

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The CFA franc (in French: franc CFA, or colloquially franc) is the name of two currencies used in Africa which are guaranteed by the French treasury.

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The French Franc was the national currency of France until the.The Latin Monetary Union was founded by the French in 1865 and the Germinal Franc was used as a.

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Find great deals on eBay for France Banknotes in French Coins. Shop with.In January 1994, the rate was changed to 75 Comorian francs to the French franc.

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Buy gold 20 Franc French Napoleon III. For much of the tumultuous 19th and 20th centuries,.

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The CFA franc was worth 1.7 French francs until 1948 when a devaluation of the French curre.It was revalued in 1960, with each new franc ( NF ) being worth 100 old francs. The French franc was a commonly held. it was the name of coins worth 1.

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